What is the Hidden Language?

reflective yoga

I offer a gentle and reflective form of Hatha Yoga called ‘Hidden Language’ inspired by the teachings of Yasodhara Ashram in Canada. This  involves stretches and warm ups which prepare us for the classical postures or asanas. During a class, we will hold the asanas and some will be used as a focus for reflection. The asanas have a powerful … Read More

Winter at Yasodhara Ashram

Canada Winter 2008

One Drop in a Sea of Light written by Swami Lalitananda at Yasodhara Ashram I recently attended the Parliament of World Religions in Toronto and resonated with the themes highlighting each day: Indigenous Peoples’ Program, Women’s Dignity, Climate Action, Justice. I heard women, elders, youth, poets offering their experience, their pleas for action, their conviction that each of us can … Read More

Swami Radhananda’s definition of yoga

Swami Radhananda feature image

Yoga is a holistic approach that brings together the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. At the beginning, little glimmers of inspiration act as signposts, leading you out of ignorance to more knowledge, not over people – but over your own Self. Swami Radhananda – From her book “Living The Practice”