Stilling the Mind – reflections

Inspiring insights and discoveries A group of seven participants on zoom explored the expansiveness and potential of the mind yesterday. Through the yogic practices and reflections we were able to focus on out own minds and gain awareness of thought processes and feelings as they happened. Swami Radha said ” where there is awareness, freedom of the mind is preserved…yoga … Read More

Stilling the Mind

Yoga Workshop Sunday July 5th 2 – 3.30pm “Yoga is the control of thought waves in the mind” Patanjali What is the mind? How can it be directed? Learn practices such as visualisation, breathing techniques, concentration and reflection to help you understand different levels of the mind and to approach the mind’s expansive potential. This workshop will take place on … Read More

Yoga during Coronavirus

Yoga breathing can be very helpful to keep your lungs healthy during the conronavirus crisis. When we’re anxious we tend to breathe in the top of the lungs and our breath is shallow. Taking 2 or 3 deep breaths into the lower part of the lungs at intervals during the day can help keep the lungs aerated and the breathing … Read More

Opening the Heart Workshop – now offered online

Opening the Heart Workshop is now offered online,please contact me by email if interested. Learn to understand the language of your body, and unlock the hidden messages of your heart. How much do your listen to your heart? Research has revealed that there is an intelligence residing in the heart. It has been shown how the heart communicates with the … Read More

Dream Yoga

“Dreams can tell you what nobody else can. By working with your dreams you can learn to trust and depend on your own inner processes and free yourself from the judgments of others” Swami Radha in her book “Realities of the Dreaming Mind” Come to a dream workshop on Sunday Oct 6th 2 – 4pm in Enfield Town. Bring a … Read More

Yoga of Healing

On June 16th a small group of students took part in the Yoga of Healing Workshop. We explored some of the yoga practices Swami Radha writes about in her book “The Yoga of Healing”. These practices took us to a deep sense of peace, and understanding of our current situations. One student said “a very restorative healing session. I have … Read More

Finding Balance

In life there can be many parts, demands and responsibilities to juggle. Is it possible to set aside the parts and return to the centre? How do we remember what is most important? On May 18th at the Interfaith Centre in Queens Park, London, 12 students spent an afternoon exploring these questions. We used postures, reflections, mantra, visualisation and drawing … Read More

Yoga in Healthcare Conference Feb 2019

Transforming healthcare through yoga. Thanks to the sponsorship of the Yasodhara Yoga European Network, I was able to attend the Yoga in Healthcare Conference at the University of Westminster on Feb 15th – 17th. The conference was organised by Heather Mason of the Minded Institute. It was well attended by yoga teachers, yoga therapists and health professionals, and there was … Read More

Transitions Workshop

flower february 2019

Three students participated in this workshop. All were new to the teachings of Swami Radha, though they were experienced in yoga. We worked with postures, reflection, mantra and breathing to help bring forth insights and strength for transitions which face us all at this time. These were some comments – “And thank you again for such a restorative afternoon of … Read More

What is the Hidden Language?

reflective yoga

I offer a gentle and reflective form of Hatha Yoga called ‘Hidden Language’ inspired by the teachings of Yasodhara Ashram in Canada. This  involves stretches and warm ups which prepare us for the classical postures or asanas. During a class, we will hold the asanas and some will be used as a focus for reflection. The asanas have a powerful … Read More

Winter at Yasodhara Ashram

Canada Winter 2008

One Drop in a Sea of Light written by Swami Lalitananda at Yasodhara Ashram I recently attended the Parliament of World Religions in Toronto and resonated with the themes highlighting each day: Indigenous Peoples’ Program, Women’s Dignity, Climate Action, Justice. I heard women, elders, youth, poets offering their experience, their pleas for action, their conviction that each of us can … Read More

Swami Radhananda’s definition of yoga

Swami Radhananda feature image

Yoga is a holistic approach that brings together the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. At the beginning, little glimmers of inspiration act as signposts, leading you out of ignorance to more knowledge, not over people – but over your own Self. Swami Radhananda – From her book “Living The Practice”